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Talk With Your Health Care Professional
Your very first step should be to speal with your health care professional to determine that you should lose weight.  Your doctor will be best suite to recommend a weight-loss program that may be best for your particular needs.  

When selecting a weight loss program always look for one that is includes both dieting an meal plans along with regular physical exercise.  Make sure your selected weight loss program is both balanced, healthy, and easy to follow.  Also, you should speak with your medical expert about methods and diet aides you can begin with to reduce you weight as you select a weight-loss program.  While medical professional may not ordinarily discuss healthy eating, physical activity, and weight control  during typical office visits; you should ask questions and to get the information you need.  Do not feel uncomfortable talking about your weight with your doctor, as your doctor is there to help you improve your health. Here are some tips:

  1. Visit your doctor with a friend / family for support if this will make you feel more comfortable.
  2. Insure you completely understand what your health care provider is saying. Do not be afraid to ask questions if there is something you do not understand.
  3. Look for other sources of information like brochures or websites.
  4. Make sure you explain to your doctor that you would like to talk about your weight.
  5. Express any issues about any medical conditions you have or medicines you are taking.
  6. Make a list of questions in advance and bring a pen and pad with you.
  7. Determine if a referral to a registered dietitian, a support group, or a commercial weight-loss program is right for you.
  8. Call your doctor after your visit if you have more questions or need help.

Selecting the best weight loss program for you

While selecting the right weight-loss program can be a difficult task; we’ve provided tips and issues to think about as you embark on your personal weight loss journey. You may not know what to look for in a weight-loss program or what questions to ask. The above tips can help you communicate with your doctor about your weight loss goals and get the right information for you in selecting a top weight loss program that works.


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